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Ecotraining Business Development and ConsultationFAQs - Kakadu Course 

1. What is the Kakadu Accreditation course? 

For anyone wishing to work in Kakadu as a Field Guide, it is compulsory that you gain competency in this course. 

EcoGuiding’s Head Guide Ian Hutton, who leads the tour, was the author and creator of the Kakadu Accreditation course, which main purpose was to raise the standard of field guides operating in the Park. 

During the course Ian takes the students to all of the well known natural and cultural destinations in the Park, and on top of the informative guiding that Ian delivers, there is also plenty of time to relax and enjoy what the Park has to offer. Some of the locations the student’s visits are: 

• Jim Jim Falls
• Twin Falls
• Ubirr Rock Art
• Nourlangie Rock Art
• East Alligator River
• Yellow Waters Cruise
• Gunlom
• Maguk
• Mamukala wetlands
• And many other spectacular locations... 

But apart from just having a great time experiencing Kakadu and learning about its rich natural and cultural heritage, there is also a more serious side to the tour. During the 5 days you will also learn about visitor safety, understanding the parks’ natural and cultural values and history, minimising environmental impact and legal compliance. 

2. Who has to do this course? 

Anyone who wants to work in Kakadu National Park as a Tour/Field Guide and will be responsible for the safety and welfare of visitors, will be required by Parks Australia to have successfully completed this course. 

3. What will I learn? 

As with all of our courses, this is a highly informative and extremely interesting course that will focus on the natural and cultural aspects of the Park. During the duration of the course, students will learn about: 

• Indigenous culture and history
• Dangerous game of Australia
• Unique marsupials and mammals of Kakadu and the Top End
• Environmental awareness and impact
• Migratory and resident bird species
• Dozens of native trees and plants
• Bush medicine
• Animal Tracking
• Geology, Astronomy, and Ethology (animal behaviour) 

On top of that, students will also learn about specific areas of the park, such as:
• Rock Art- Ubirr and Nourlangie
• Wetland Habitat- Mamukala
• Estuarine Crocodiles- Found throughout the park
• Endemic Plants and animals- such as the Black Wallaroo and the Pandanis base dowii 

Finally, we will also cover such things as:
• Visitor Safety
• Minimising your environmental impact
• Legal compliance
• Driving distances, places to stay and eat, fuel stops etc.

4. How much will the course cost? 

The practical training component of the course (5 day/4 night) costs $1990, which includes the following:
• Transport- Pick up from Darwin, 5 days travel through Kakadu, and return to Darwin
• Accommodation- 4 nights tented and swag camping in the park
• Full tuition from our Head Guide Ian Hutton
• Mentoring, revision and support with the exam preparation
• Food- 3 meals a day plus regular snacks
• Drinks- water and soft drinks
• And of course... time to relax, swim in the rock pools and enjoy Kakadu! 

After the practical component, there will be an extra $200 fee payable to Charles Darwin University where you will sit the exam. 

5. I already have my Certificate I/III/IV in Tour Guiding through EcoGuiding, do I still have to do this course? 

For those who have already completed the above certificates with us, you will still need to gain the Kakadu Accreditation in order to be legally allowed to act as a field guide in Kakadu.

6. Are interstate and International students welcome?

Of course! Anyone can do this. In fact, we have had a number of students from Germany, Indonesia, China and Taiwan participate on our courses.

7. What if I just want to come for fun. Do I have to sit the exam?

You can do whatever you like! This tour of Kakadu is run just like our other courses- it is highly informative but it is also alot of fun. It is perfect for those who simply want to learn a little bit more about Kakadu than you would on an ordinary trip of the Park.

For us at EcoGuiding, we actually believe that this is the best way to experience the park, as not only will you have a great time, but you will come away with a rich knowledge of Kakadu that will stay with you forever.

8. How long is the course? 

Prior to the start of the practical component of the course, we will be sending out Kakadu workbooks and some homework that needs to be completed before starting the 5 day trip. This will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the course, and will consist of some light reading and some questions about Kakadu. These questions are to be completed and sent into our office before the practical begins. 

After that, students will participate in 5 day trip, and after that, you will be more that prepared to sit the exam at Charles Darwin University (CDU). 

9. How do I book into the exam at CDU? 

This is to be done in your own time, and is very straightforward: 

You can either contact CDU directly, or go to their website and enrol online.
Charles Darwin University
Tourism and Hospitality Central
Palmerston Campus
Charles Darwin University NT 0909
Phone: 08 8946 7954 08 8946 7954
Fax: 08 8946 7833
International: +61 8 8946 7954 +61 8 8946 7954
Kakadu Course Email: [email protected] 

Enrolment information is available on the CDU website:

"Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling." Vincent Van Gogh 

Please contact our office for more details on our Kakadu course:

Click here to enquire about our Kakadu Course.

Office Phone + 61 2 8922 2652
Any questions? Contact EcoGuiding Australia

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