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SIT10107 Certificate I in Tourism 
(Australian Indigenous Culture)

This practical, hands-on course provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in basic tourism skills- specifically for those looking for employment with an Indigenous focus.

Our innovative and practical training program is not limited to simply gaining competency, but takes a more holistic approach where other essential life skills are also developed. This fosters confidence, independence and leadership skills- maximising the employment opportunities and future success of all our students.

Participants who take part in our course learn customer service, teamwork and presentation skills. Combined with the knowledge of how to interpret and share complex Indigenous ideas, our competent students are amongst the most professional and engaging Indigenous guides in the country.

Held throughout the year, this is a fantastic, practical introduction into Indigenous tourism and is open to students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background or who have the support of an indigenous community elder. 

Short Courses

EcoGuiding also offers a number of short courses that can focus on one particular unit of competency- ’flora’ or ’leading a tour group’ for instance.

These short courses use modules from the Certificate I, III and IV courses in Tourism (Guiding), and can be made up of as many or as little modules as required. For example, in 2010 we ran a highly successful course with some trainees from Maningrida, where the focus was on Birding. Over the 5 days of training, we sighted over 130 different bird species, were taught by one of the leading ornithologists (Birder) in the Northern Territory, Dr Richard Noske, and also learnt a few guiding skills from our trainers along the way.

At the end of the course, all of the trainees received certificates of competency in the chosen units, which can also go towards gaining the full Certficate I, III or IV in the future.

Duration and Location of the Short Courses

These short courses can focus on a number of topics such as:
 - Flora
 - Fauna
 - How to be an interpretive Field Guide
 - Bush safety
 - Indigenous Culture and History
 - Creating bushwalking tours
 - Putting together an itinerary
 - and much much more...

These short courses can run for as long as desired, and we are able to deliver the training anywhere in Australia.

For more information please contact us below.

Certificate I Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture)
Develop practical tourism skills • Learn to engage tourists and provide a professional, enjoyable
• Develop leadership, presentation and customer service skills
• On-site and off-site training, mentoring and ongoing support
Interpreting Indigenous culture and heritage • Learn how to share complex ideas and concepts through story
  telling, metaphors and movement
• Discover the power of culture, and its huge attraction to national 
  and overseas tourist’s.

For more information and prices on this course please contact EcoGuiding:

Click here to enquire about the Certificate I or Short Courses.

Office Phone + 61 2 8922 2652
Any questions? Contact EcoGuiding Australia
Nationally Recognised Training Organisation   Northern Territory Employment and Training Authority

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